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Finswimming is the result of maximum speed a swimmer can perform in the water. Thank to this wonderful tool called "Monofin", athletes become real dolphin in swimming pool and could reach speed close to 4m/s performing 50mt for example in 14seconds!!

Finswimming is a sport recognized by IOC and is managed by World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS).

Our team is formed by the greatest World-wide agonistic experts for different records, for the passion they put in all the different areas needed to use the monofin. All the instructors interact within the team with their specific knowledge in order to offer the best knowledge and to be able to develop in all areas.

We organise courses, special evenings and stages about the use of the monofin and we are offering new products to improve your esperience in the water.

Our brand include Arena swimwear including the full range of top competition Powerskin Carbon Pro, R-Evolution and R-Evolution Plus as well as water polo, training aids, men's, ladies and junior swimwear, and goggles, caps, towel, luggage, the list goes on.



Carbon Pro W Full Body Short Leg Open
Old price 299.00 €
120.00 € *
Carbon Pro M Jammer
Old price 149.00 €
79.00 € *
Carbon Pro M Full Body Short Leg Closed
Old price 299.00 €
120.00 € *
Powerskin Revo+ Pant M
199.00 € *
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