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Taras Monofin

Taras Monofin

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All Fins need 2 weeks to be ready. You can ask info to or write to 00393426607529

The TARAS monofin by CETMA COMPOSITES It is aimed at sports competitions and training in the field of outdoor, indoor apnea and finned swimming.

The shovel is a jewel of technology made with high modulus carbon and high strength and is made with technologically advanced processes deriving from the aeronautical world. It was born through a FEM design to distribute the stiffness accurately in both the longitudinal and transverse direction.

Thanks to the engineered distribution of stiffness, in fact, the loss of lateral load due to the transverse arching of the shovel has been drastically reduced, this allows to maximize the performance that is to produce a high thrust with a minimum of effort.

The engineered distribution of the stiffness of the shovel makes it stable even in conditions of powerful strides, drastically reducing muscle fatigue.

The shoe, made of mold, made of the highest quality rubber is ergonomic and comfortable even when worn “deliberately tight” to minimize the loss of power and maximize the thrust.

All components: shoes, shovel, side and vertical stabilisers are assembled by highly skilled personnel.


1. The monofin is designed with a high foot-shovel inclination;

2. The subplantar, made of rubber and rubber foam with differential stiffness, has an arched and ergonomic shape to make the fit comfortable and performing;

3. The monofin has a buoyancy thrust of about 200 grams (2 N);

4. Shovel 100% carbon fiber IM7 and High Modulus.

5. The Material is PRE-PREG 100 % Carbon obtained by hot melt impregnation systems with tetra-functional resin.

6. 3D-Tech: Proprietary technology, unique know-how of CETMA COMPOSITES, high pressure, high temperature and vacuum, involving a component with 0% vacuum, free of defects, and with a constant fiber/resin ratio throughout the blade.

7. FEM Design: The design of TARAS is optimized through careful finite element design (FEM). The software used makes it possible to ensure an optimal distribution of stiffness in order to reproduce a deformed blade that guarantees maximum hydrodynamic efficiency.

8. Shovel dimensions: L(length)= 70 cm; W (width)= 70cm; H (height)=10 cm.

9. Weight: 2.13 kg.

It’s possible customise hardness of blade and other aesthetic component (colour of shoes, colour of logo, writing sticker on blade..)

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